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Being a Business Owner and a Parent

Most “parentreneurs” dread the summer holidays because they have to juggle between business and parenting. While the two are essential, there’s always the risk of favoring one over the other. Finding a balance may help save your business without letting it run your life. But how do you go about it?

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Triple Net Lease Explained

Property owners may find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of managing their properties and underwhelmed by in the income they receive net of the expenses and headaches. While being a property owner can come with many significant benefits, the question may be, “is there a better way?”

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Is Insurance a Dirty Word in Retirement?

As a wealth manager and financial planner, I’m always skeptical of articles espousing the benefits of life insurance and annuities. Don’t get me wrong. They have their place in financial planning, but I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that insurance solves every problem. So, when I learned that Ernst & Young, a highly respected accounting and consulting firm, completed a comprehensive analysis of the integration of insurance products in retirement planning, I was intrigued.

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The Importance of Financial Planning Before Selling Your Business

So much goes into the decision to sell your business, but if you’re unprepared after you make that decision you may be setting yourself up for a tough time. Starting a personal financial plan before selling your business is one way to help you achieve your long-term financial goals, ensure that you are prepared for the future and mitigate potential risks during your business transition.

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Millennials, thinking about selling your technology business?

Millennial business owners who are looking to sell technology businesses should consider several factors to ensure they make informed decisions and maximize the value of their transactions. Here are some things you may want to take into consideration before deciding to sell your business.

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Growth. Are You Ready?

Getting into growth mode can be an exciting time for both you and your team members. Expanding your business can lead to more clients, sales, and best of all—more income. The list of pros goes on and on, but before you leap into expansion, here are some key factors to take into consideration to maximize the effort.

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Overcoming Adversity in the Workplace

As a business owner, facing challenges comes with the territory. Whether it be financial struggles, staffing issues, lack of resources or even being too busy, facing adversity is nothing new to you.

During difficult times you may feel helpless and overwhelmed, making it hard to maintain a positive attitude and overcome. Here are some tips to help you rise above the hardships and flourish in the process.

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How to Avoid That Year-End Burnout

As the end of the year is inching closer and closer, many experience feeling overwhelmed and anxious. With the holidays upon us, year-end deadlines quickly approaching, and motivation waning, it's important that we stay focused. Here are a few helpful ways to avoid year-end burnout.

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A Business Goal Without a Plan is Just a Dream

Every business owner has a vision for their business. It’s something that gets them excited, hopeful, and expresses their desires and dreams for their organization. Getting your aspirations down on paper, and having a clear business outlook, are essential to making them a reality. Describe your purpose, determine your goals, and build a plan.

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Keeping Your Employees Happy

It's not enough to just hire someone who can do the job anymore. As a business owner, you should be selective about who is the right fit for your business. Then, once you find the right people, it's important to keep them happy, motivated, and most importantly, productive.

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Be Your Most Productive Self

Today, it's no longer just about the art of finding your happiness. It's also the art of making your days at work as productive as possible.

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6 Ways Business Owners Can Cut Costs and Generate More Business

Changes in our economy and the way our customers spend money and behave are allowing businesses to scale up while scaling back on expenses. As a business owner, you want to maximize the value of every dollar you invest in your business. Even when business is booming, it is important to avoid overspending an to be prepared for the unexpected.

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Bear Markets Survival Guide

The risk during a bear market cycle is not that prices are declining, but that an investor may be forced to sell during those declines. It is important that there is a clear game plan in place to deal with challenging market cycles. The good news is that with the right approach and guidance, bear markets (a loss of 20%+) can present opportunities for investors.

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