Millennials, thinking about selling your technology business?

Millennial business owners who are looking to sell technology businesses should consider several factors to ensure they make informed decisions and maximize the value of their transactions.


Here are some things you may want to take into consideration before deciding to sell your business:

Understand the Market

Before making any decisions, it's important to understand the technology market you're selling in. This includes identifying trends, assessing competition, and understanding the demand for businesses in your target market. Take the time to determine if the timing is right based on what the market conditions look like. The current market condition has a huge impact on the sale of a business and is an extremely important topic to focus on when thinking about a sale. This pertains to the state of the economy as well. If the economy is not doing very well, you may notice that there are fewer buyers looking to acquire your business and you may not receive a multiple you are happy with. If the economy is thriving, then you may have a plethora of offers to choose from. Another factor to consider when determining if you are ready to sell your business is what the competition is like in your industry. If there are many businesses like yours for sale, it could impact your visibility and attractiveness with prospective buyers. The fewer competitors out there for sale, the better. It’s all about timing, patience, and proper planning.

Do Your Research

Before you dive into the process of selling a business, it is crucial that you conduct thorough research and determine if it is the right time for you to move forward.  Doing your due diligence is essential in understanding what the value of your company really is and what it could become. Pinpointing your business's valuation is critical in the selling aspect as you must ensure that the final purchase price of your company is satisfactory. Make sure all your company documents and finances are organized and take the time to review everything before putting your business on the market. Identify where the business has deficiencies and where it has succeeded, from there you can determine the proper price point that you believe your company can be valued at, making it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Communicate with your Employees.

A business is only as strong as its team members. It’s up to you as a leader to consider the impact selling the business will have on your employees. When selling a business, it's important to evaluate the existing team to ensure they have the skills and expertise necessary to meet the expectations of a buyer.  To avoid potential confusion or complications within your team, it is crucial that you communicate the process with your employees to ensure they can properly support a transition. Provide guidance and clarification when needed, selling the business doesn’t only affect you as a business owner, it affects your team as well.

Selling your business is challenging and it’s important to work with the right team to help you reach your goals and avoid unexpected problems. Please consider working with a team of advisors to help you achieve your desired outcome with the fewest bumps in the road. Leverage their experience until you truly feel ready.